3 Proven Online Strategies For Doctors to Increase Patient Referrals

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Choosing a healthcare provider is an important decision and these days patients are searching online for doctor reviews. The internet has completely changed the way patients find a physician, and successful digital marketing depends on knowing how new patients are looking for providers online.

These days, almost everyone uses the internet to research potential healthcare providers find health information and new doctors. 72% of patients now consult the internet for healthcare information and 62% use online reviews to find new doctors.For providers who have a strong online presence, this shift is good news. For those who don’t even know what instagram is, not as good, but that doesn’t mean you are too late!

It takes time and effort for potential patients to gain your trust via the web, which is why we’ve put together these 3 easy beginner tips to help medical experts build a better online image and marketing strategy.


Google Your Name. If you have no online imprint whatsoever, it is a good idea to google yourself to see what is out there before anything else and to see what doctor reviews are available for perspective patients.

Why you should care about what comes up on google:

You care what comes up when people google you because referrals are the most common way patients hear your practice’s name, and these days savvy perspective patients will do a quick google before scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

Manage Your Practitioner Listing and Business Listing That Appear on Google, Other Search Engines, & Websites. Even if you do not have an online presence, search engines and websites will take information suggested by users. Having accurate listings with correct hours makes it easier for potential patients to find and book an appointment.For example, when you google a restaurant or  doctor, there photo and hours and location may pop up in the top right corner of google. THIS is a practitioner listing.

Why you should care about managing your business and practitioner listing:

If you don’t. someone else might mess around and put in false hours or information. If you do not reach out to a website or search engine to verify, correct, or update listing information, patients may find the wrong information when trying to contact you and will look for another doctor instead. Definition and examples of listings by google.

Ask Current Patients to write online reviews. Online reviews are essential for referrals. It is a good idea to ask current patients to write reviews for you or your practice on Google, Healthgrades, and Facebook are good to start with.

Why you should care about getting patients to do reviews:

Doctors should really have recent positive reviews in order to stand apart from other doctors in a world of tech savvy patients. For example, even if your practice shows up in local search results, without new, positive reviews, by google’s first page standards you are not an all star.

Like we said. Digital marketing can be complicated, but we’ve outlined three essential, easy ways you can show potential patients that you are the right choice.

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