5 Reasons Doctors Should Be Using Social Media

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 Doctors, hospitals, clinical practices, and other healthcare professionals of all ages are becoming more and more active on social media. And it makes sense! Using social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients.

More and more, tech-savvy patients will do a quick google search, message a friend, and read reviews before trying to go to a new doctor or healthcare professional. That’s why creating social media accounts is great way for physicians to control first impressions, and increase the chances of patients finding accurate information on the first page of Google Search.

5 Reasons Social Media Platforms Such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook Can Help Grow a Doctor’s Practice

So, what exactly do social media platforms provide for doctors and other local health care providers?  We’ve put together 5 reasons doctors should use social media- backed by statistics.

  1. Boost Exposure For New Patients and Allow More Colleagues to Find You. People are spending a lot of time on social media than ever before, making it a great place to boost your exposure. A global report from 2018 found that the average person between the ages of 16-64 has five social media accounts, and spends almost 2 hours browsing social networks.
  2. Increase sales for specific products such as supplements or other services. Social media outreach is especially beneficial if your practice provides products or services the client pays for. An example would be a doctor using Fullscript.com to provide quality vitamin and supplements to patients.
  3. Increase Practice Brand Awareness . Build confidence and trust with existing and prospective patients by being able to share testimonials and before and afters of patients. According to CDW healthcare polls, over 45% of U.S. adults have searched for health information when using social media, 20% rated their quality of care, and 33.8% asked for health advice.
  4. Increase patient retention rate and quality of care for patients: Millions of people globally are using social media actively on a daily basis, and 60% of doctors say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients.
  5. Increase patient loyalty and build an easily searchable, positive referral base online by sharing videos and images. When doctors post testimonials with videos or images from a relatable patient, they tend to generate far more engagement as opposed to normal text only posts because patients will re-share on their own platforms. According to PWC, Of all the individuals taking in health information on social media, 24% are looking at health-related videos/images posted by patients.

And Without Social media, Third-Party Doctor Rating Sites May Control Your Digital Fingerprint…

If you do not do this, then there’s a good chance online doctor rating sites that may not be accurate or reflect your practice to be the top item that pops up when someone searches you name.

In 2014, Advanced Search Ranking published a study which showed that on average, 71.33% of people who google something click on a result from the first page, with the top five results on Google accounting for 67.6% of all clicks.

Creating An Account, Professional Accounts vs. Personal Accounts

It is widely accepted for professionals to have dedicated professional social media accounts for professional use on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and have a separate (probably older) private account they use for personal use.

If you choose not to use separate accounts, be sure to restrict content you prefer to keep private. Do to this, check your privacy settings on platforms.

Whether your looking to share and build a bigger network of healthcare colleagues, engage existing patients, or find new ones, using social media as a professional in today’s world is a great way to grow your practice in today’s digital landscape.

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