Affordable Pet Medication: Ways to Save Money on Pet Medications


It happened – you took Fido in for his annual checkup and he was diagnosed with diabetes. The vet wrote a diabetes prescription for your best friend and now you have to worry about affording it. We get it – pet medications can be expensive. You don’t have to worry about high costs when it comes to your pet’s wellbeing though. Did you know SuReceta can help you save money on your pet’s medications, just like it can on your medications?

There is a way to save money on your pet’s medications

Pet Medications Shouldn’t Be Tough to AffordSince we know your pet could be suffering from things like pain, anxiety, or even diabetes, we want you to be aware that there is a way you can save money on these costs. As long as your pet’s medication is also a human medication, we can help you save.

Why do pet medications cost me so much?

People don’t generally have health insurance for their pet, since coverage costs can be around $300 a year. Without pet health insurance, your annual trip to the vet can be costly. Especially if your pet was prescribed a new prescription you weren’t expecting to pay for.

Unfortunately, Rx Saver isn’t currently able to help you save on medications to treat heartworm, or petmeds for fleas and ticks.

5 common human medications that are often prescribed to pets

  1. Lantus
  2. Amitriptyline
  3. Fluoxetine
  4. Diazepam
  5. Gabapentin

Ask your vet about using SuReceta for pet medications

If you’re wondering more about how SuReceta would work for your pet, feel free to contact us at You can also ask your veterinarian about money saving options that are coupon-based, like SuReceta.

Ultimately, prices for prescriptions vary by which pharmacy you shop at. This is the case, regardless of whether the prescription is for you or for your pet. We recommend always using our search tool to compare Rx prices, before filling your medication at the pharmacy.

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