Best Workout Songs: Music that will make you burn the most calories

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Everyone has a favorite workout song to get in the zone. And the minute that anthem comes on, you feel like the hero of your own story. Whether you’re lifting weights or folding the laundry, when that jam comes on, you feel like a badass who can take on the world. When you make your own playlist, you are going to be motivated longer, and any type of work will seem easier. As humans, we connect particular songs to memories, and music can really inspire us to up workout intensity.

But it isn’t just about drowning out pain and cramps to any old tune playing at the gym.

Why You Should Make Your Own Playlist for Workouts

The actual process of controlling and curating one’s music while working out improves the experience even more, according to one study.  This is what makes creating your own workout playlist your secret workout weapon.

When it comes to putting together your best workout playlist and picking songs, the information below may help you come up with your most motivating workout mix ever.

5 Reasons why You Should Make Your Own Playlist

Upbeat Music Makes You Up The Pace of Your Workout

2010 study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports found when tempo of music was upped by just 10 percent, cyclists went farther and pedaled with more power.

According to science, the faster the tempo of the music you listen to, the more you move. The more tempo the workout songs have, the more you’ll want to keep going. Simple as that.

 Good Workout Songs Give You More Endurance

There has been a good deal of research proving music’s ability to keep you running and giving you better endurance in various types of exercise, according to the National Institute of Health.

You Lift Weights Longer to Tunes

For weight-lifting in particular, a playlist that amps you up has a substantial impact. People held up weights for longer listening to fast tempo music in the background of their workout than without, according to 2014 research from the Journal of Sports Sciences.

Music Causes Workouts To Seem Easier

Exercising with music just makes all the hard work seem a lot easier, according to ACE Sponsored Research. And it doesn’t even matter if you like the song or not for music to have an encouraging effect. Research has shown that people are responsive to the musical tempo, even if it was in a genre of music, that they were unlikely to have listened to or didn’t like.

Listening to Music Makes You Happier While Exercising

And did we mention that working out to music, especially music you like, has been shown to improve your mood? While individually each of these studies may seem scattered, together they show how listening to the right kind of music during a workout, like making your own playlist, can have a positive impact on an your workouts.

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