Empty Stomach? 12 Foods To Avoid When Your Starving

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Foods you should NOT eat on an empty stomach

 There are many foods that you should not eat with an empty stomach since they can severely damage your health. Here we have enlisted the 12 foods you must not eat on an empty stomach.

1. Baked bread

The yeast in baked bread irritates the stomach walls, and this produces intestinal gas.

2. Candies

Sugar increases insulin production and this is not good for the pancreas. You could develop diabetes.

3. Yogurt and sour dairy products

These foods react with the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and the bacteria that these products contain are killed. Therefore, in the end, you won’t get any real benefit from them.

4. Pears

Pears have a lot of raw fiber and this fiber can irritate the gastric mucosa.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are high on tannic acid, and when this mixes with gastric juices, their acidity increases. This could lead to the development of gastric ulcers.

6. Cucumbers and green vegetables

Raw vegetables eaten on an empty stomach will provoke heartburn, gas and stomach pains. That is because they have too much acid.

7. Bananas

If they are eaten on an empty stomach, the magnesium they contain is absorbed too fast. This affects the heart.

8. Spices

They irritate the gastric mucosa and increase the production of gastric juices. This causes diseases in the intestinal tract.

9. Cold sodas

They damage the gastric mucosa and worsen blood circulation, hindering digestion.

10. Citrus fruits

They contain fruit acids that can provoke heartburn, gastritis and ulcers.

11. Coffee or tea

These drinks could cause nausea and stomach pains since they increase acidity and can worsen reflux symptoms.

12. Alcoholic drinks

If you drink alcoholic drinks on an empty stomach, the alcohol will go directly into your bloodstream and will be rapidly distributed around the body, broadening the blood vessels.

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