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It’s a question we find we’re all asking a lot lately – how much does a prescription cost? The answer? It varies.

Prescription drug costs vary widely, mainly because there are so many brands and generics out there. That’s not the only reason though. We’ll cover other reasons for why drug prices vary, but we’ll also show you tips for finding how much a prescription costs.

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How much does a prescription cost?

It’s difficult to determine the exact cost of a prescription, since prices could range anywhere from $4 to well over $1,000, depending on which medication you’re filling. Some pharmacies, like the regional grocer Publix, will even offer free medications. You usually have to belong to a club, in order to participate in a pharmacy’s free medication program.

Why do prescription drug prices vary?

Prescription drug prices vary for a number of reasons. The main being that there are a variety of drug manufacturers, pharmacies and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs). The PBM often negotiates the price between the drug manufacturer, insurer and pharmacy. With there being so many different combinations of these out there, drug prices vary widely between which pharmacy, insurer, or discount source is used.

Why it’s smart to compare Rx prices

Since costs vary, it’s extremely important that you compare Rx prices. By comparing pharmacy prices, you could save more money than you thought possible. If you run a search, using our pricing tool, you will quickly see how much drug prices can vary between pharmacies – even ones directly across the street from one another.

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